Which plate

The Naturestuff lensplates are developed to be firmly attached to to a Naturestuff Swinghead, or from another brand. The result of attaching a Naturestuff lensplate to your swinghead is a perfectly still image. The lensplates are ergonomically shaped and made out of one massive aluminum part. The advanced method of producing makes sure that your camera and lens won`t move anymore when attached to a Naturestuff Swinghead.

Even with expensive equipment you can rely on Naturestuff`s products to keep them safe and also to give you a perfectly still image. So, no worrying about blurry pictures and damage to your hardware anymore. Naturestuff; your style, our knowledge!

The Naturestuff lensplates are anodised with a scratch-proof coating and the included attachment-bolds are made of high quality stainless steel. By using Naturestuff lensplates, you ensure yourself of making perfectly still images while protecting your expensive hardware. You get more control, more speed and more safety!

The lensplates are developed to fit the Naturestuff Swingheads, but are also compatible with the following brands:

  • Kirk

  • Arca Swiss
  • Jobu
  • Wimberley
  • Really Right Stuff
  • Redged

If you want to know which lensplate you need for your lens and camera; don`t look any further! You can easily select your brand and lens at the bottom of the page.